Pintas valas SAKURA SENSIBRAID 4X 150M

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    0.08 mm
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    0.10 mm
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    0.12 mm
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    0.14 mm
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  • Pintas valas SAKURA SENSIBRAID.

    • žalia spalva
    • 4 gijų
    • 150 m

    Made with high modulus polyethylene fibers (PE) “Nippon SUPER PE” woven in an ultra-tight process “Micro Pitch” 32 crosses per inch (pics), these Sakura braids deserves more than just a glance ! The round section profile of the Sensibraid 8X and unique coating “Velvet Glove”, give it a sensational softness and offer all the qualities sought by anglers at sea and in freshwater. Its structure distinguishes it from its competitors by improved resistance and an unparalleled user comfort: sensitivity, discretion, low wind, precision throwing, no memory, silent glide, etc. Trying these braids is adopting them !!!


    Modelis Storis Išlaikomas svoris Ilgis
    SAPLE40010.08-GRE 0,08 6 kg 150
    SAPLE40010.10-GRE 0.10 7 kg 150
    SAPLE40010.12-GRE 0.12 8 kg 150
    SAPLE40010.14-GRE 0.14 10 kg 150
    SAPLE40010.16-GRE 0.16 11 kg 150
    SAPLE40010.18-GRE 0.18 12 kg 150
    SAPLE40010.20-GRE 0.20 14 kg 150