Masalas Tail spinner MANYFIK UZI 28g

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    Kodas: U02-28
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
    Kaina Tail Spinner Kiekis Pirkti
    U02 Tiger
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    U03 Natural
    Į krepšelį 
    U04 Blue
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    U07 Red tiger
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    U10 White perch
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    U16 Gold perch
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    U19 Silver tiger
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    U20 Classic
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    U21 Lemon
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    U22 Teal tiger
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  • Masalas Tail spinner MANYFIK UZI is the new edition of the Manyfik spinning tails, dedicated to pike hunters. Anglers have long drawn attention to the fact that the most of position predators react with increased aggression to lures that make sudden vertical convulsions, therefore a large body (made of light materials), the long palette in an innovative way attached to one of the two triple anchors, makes Uzi the perfect bait for "free fall" fishing.

    The larger weight of the lure makes it possible to fishing from a long distance, and the rotating resistance of the disc allows it to be used precisely in the field of hunting predators.

    • Ilgis: 100mm
    • Svoris: 28g
    • lapelis: No 5
    • Akcija: Vibravimas
    • Darbinis gylis, m: 1 - 5 m
    • Plūdrumas: Skestantis