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Kabliukai Guru KURANKU

Prekės kodas: GKU

Turimas kiekis: Prekė sandėlyje

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Gamintojas: GURU

Kabliukai Guru KURANKU. This is a new hook pattern and style of hook that is designed for natural-style venues where a barbed hook is needed. The unique crank-style shape to the hook, combined with its durable black nickel material, means it maintains a lot of strength while having a fine-wire diameter to make the hook lightweight. This is vital when targeting bream, skimmers and other silverfish, when a lightweight hook pattern gets anglers a lot more bites from finicky fish. The wide gape and offset point give the hook ultimate hooking potential and a firm hold on fish, and being forged, the hook has ultimate strength for its fine wire diameter. The fine/light nature of the hook makes it perfect for a range of baits, in particular maggots, pinkies, bloodworm, redworms, casters and smaller pieces of dendrobaena. Perfect on natural venues and sure to be a big hit on the continent.

  • Prekes kiekis - 10vnt
  • Prekes spalva - juoda
  • Dydžiai - 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22
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