Masalas Tail spinner MANYFIK YOGI 20g

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    Kodas: Y01-20
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
    Kaina Tail Spinner Kiekis Pirkti
    Y01 Perch
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    Y02 Tiger
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    Y03 Natural
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    Y04 Blue
    Į krepšelį 
    Y05 Pepper
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    Y06 Perch Fluo
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    Y07 Red tiger
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    Y08 Belgium
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    Y10 White perch
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    Y19 Silver tiger
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    Masalas Tail spinner MANYFIK YOGI

  • Masalas Tail spinner MANYFIK YOGI. is a lure from the family of spinning tails produced by MANYFIK. This time it is a slightly larger lure, made of other (lighter) materials, which allowed it to achieve a fairly larger size without significantly increasing the weight.
    The Yogi spinning tail has been armed with TWO TRIPLE !!! anchors, with a palette directly attached to one of them. This innovative solution has completely eliminated "empty bites".

    Using the YOGI lure during trips to fishing pikes and large perches, we can successfully use the same fishing techniques as for the other spinning tails made by Manyfik.


    • Ilgis: 57mm
    • Svoris: 20g
    • lapelis: No 4
    • Akcija: Vibravimas
    • Darbinis gylis, m: 1 - 5 m
    • Plūdrumas: Skestantis