Masalas Tail spinner MANYFIK PePe 3D 5g

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    Kodas: P001
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    P001 Perch Išparduota. Susisiekite
    P002 Tiger
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    P004 Blue
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    P016 Gold
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    Masalas Tail spinner MANYFIK

  • Masalas Tail spinner MANYFIK PePe 3D  PePe 3D is another lure from the group of spinning tails, manufactured in Poland by Manyfik. Unlike the models that have been offered so far, it has got a different construction, as well as an original and unusual painting technique (3D effect). The lure has been constructed in such a way that the problem of line tangling with the blade while being cast could be completely eliminated. It has been achieved by permanently placing a swivel inside the lure body. This solution also enables the vertical fishing, e.g. from under the ice. The lure has been equipped with a three anchor hook, which substantially improves the effectiveness of hooking up and hauling the fish. The application of a smaller blade in this tail spinning model makes PePe an ideal lure for fishing for perch, trout, ide and chub in lowland and mountain rivers. When led under the water surface, it provokes the attack, also of the picky asp. PePe 3D is a complete lure, created by a fisherman for fishermen. It is not only effective and efficient, but also aesthetically made and pleasant to use.

    • Ilgis: 19mm
    • Svoris: 5g
    • lapelis: No 1
    • akcija: vibravimas
    • Darbinis gylis, m: 0,5-2 m
    • Plūdrumas: Skestantis