Žieminės cikados SPINMAD SKAT 6 g 40mm

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    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
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    SKAT 6 g 1302
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    SKAT 6 g 1303
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    SKAT 6 g 1309
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    Žieminės cikados SPINMAD SKAT

  • Žieminės cikados SPINMAD SKAT It is a heavier model of vertical jigs designed for enthusiasts of fishing under the ice. Guided in short gentle movements it goes to the sides as a small fish and comes back to the vertical position making smaller or bigger curves. When fish do not feed well use potential of a vertical jig. Tap the vertical jig on the bottom and hung it 15 cm over it. After a while, if there is no fish apply a simple, effective technique using the advantages of a vertical jig. Take away the bait from the view of the fish raising it fluentlu a meter, a meter and a half up and hold on for a short while. Then start pulling down the bait which, thanks to the curved wing, works while falling down and turns around its own axis. One should expect catching most often at the final phase of the falling or soon after stopping near the bottom. Total innovation on the ice baits market. A special curve of the bait wing forces its unusual movement. A vertical jig pulled up and down goes round in smaller or bigger circles, vibrates and slides in the depths and is deceptively similar to a small fish danci...