Masalas Tail spinner MANYFIK JERRY 2g

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    Kodas: J001-2
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
    Kaina Tail Spinner Kiekis Pirkti
    J001 Perch
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    J002 Tiger
    Į krepšelį 
    J003 Natural
    Į krepšelį 
    J004 Blue
    Į krepšelį 
    J006 Perch fluo
    Į krepšelį 
    J007 Red tiger
    Į krepšelį 
    J008 Belgium
    Į krepšelį 
    J009 Black
    Į krepšelį 
    J010 White
    Į krepšelį 
    J023 Fluo pearl
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  • Masalas Tail spinner MANYFIK. The Jerry is a lure designed for demanding anglers. Meeting the expectations of chub, ides, trout, perch, pike and asps hunters, the new offer of Manyfik includes a wide selection of lures in various sizes (7 weights). Anglers know very well what interests stationary predators. Rapid, convulsive vertical movements arouse aggression and encourage predatory fish to attack. That's what the well-run Jerry behaves.
    The slender shape of the lure makes it stick perfectly in the current, it does not line up and does not "barrel". This model will certainly contribute to many fishing successes, no predator will pass by indifferently. Jerry is a universal lure that will cope well in all conditions, both in the slopes of underwater hills and in wild rivers.
    Clever Jerry is pure pleasure to use this lure and guarantees a successful expedition.
    Important - in order to protect the environment, the lure does not contain lead.

    Ilgis: 21mm
    Svoris: 2g
    lapelis: No 0
    akcija: vibravimas
    Darbinis gylis, m: 0.5-1.5 m
    Plūdrumas: Skestantis