Šeryklėlės atvadas Guru Feeder Links

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    Kodas: GFL03
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    Kaina Guru Feeder Links Kiekis Pirkti
    Feeder Links Small 2"(5.1cm)
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    Feeder Link Medium 2.5"(6.4cm) Išparduota. Susisiekite
    Feeder Link Large 3"(7.6cm)
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  • Guru Feeder Links, These have been a LONG time in the making, and the expert team have spent days and days on the bank ensuring key features of strength, durability and most importantly the tangle-free aspect of the links prevail! They include a big input from former feeder World Champ and England star Steve Ringer. Designed to give a paternoster style drop between the feeder and mainline, while still ensuring a free-running rig. Complies will official FIPSed International free-running rig rules. The whole link protected by shrink tubing, adding strength, covering-up tag ends, and leading to completely tangle-free setup. Attached to line via unique two-way discrete bead for free and smooth-running rigs.

    • Pakuotėje: 3vn
    • Ilgis (cm) S (5.1cm), M (6.4 cm) и L (7.6 cm)